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Club House

Willow Acres Estate offers a beautiful venue for all your functions as well as all the upcoming year-end-functions.
We provide facilities for training, conferences, functions, weddings and any other special events. With our unique function facilities, we can accommodate up to 65 delegates, which makes this an ideal venue.
Let us impress you with our competitive prices and spoil you with our variety of menus, bar facilities, braai area, secure parking and superb personal services.
Our kitchen and clubhouse is in the capable hands of André van Tonder. With years of experiences, he will serve you with excellent food. Our menus are full of flavour and variety.

For more information please contact:

André van Tonder
Clubhouse Manager
078 453 4097
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Events Planning:

Events such as Sunday Lunch, Halloween, Festive Fun Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Street Braai are being held for residents in the Clubhouse.
Meal of the Day:
Evening meals can be ordered directly from André van Tonder on 078 453 4097 from R60 per plate every Monday – Thursday. Please sms/contact André to receive the meal of the day per sms every day. Order before 10h00 on the day you want to order and collect food between 15:00 – 18:00.
Meals to Order:
Light Meals:
• Tuna & Spinach Bake with Mixed Salads
• Chicken Salad
• Vegetarian Pasta
• Haddock Quiche & Salads
• Broccoli & Chicken Pasta
• Koeskoes & Vegetable Bake
• Chicken Lasagne & Salads
• Fried Fish, Bean & Broccoli Bake
• Sweet & Sour Vegetable Pasta
• Fish Bobotie & Vegies
• Toasted Sandwiches & Salads
• Meat Platter - Variety of meats
• Mixed Platter - Meat & Quiches
• Sandwich Platter - Sandwich & Cold Meats
• Cheese and Fruit Platter
• Sweet Platter
• Between 6 – 20 people
• Chicken / Beef Lasagne
• Bobotie
• Chicken / Cornish Pie
• Cottage Pie
• Pap Tart
Other Extras:
• Homemade breads (white/brown) - Large/medium/small
• Rusks - Health/Buttermil/Traditional
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